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Bio: Davide Ferri - a.k.a "nuvolino"


There has been so many ways people have described my music, "pure" "uplifting" "fresh" and a more recent one "it makes my brain happy." Just about everyone that has heard my tracks has found "something" in them that keeps them coming back for more

In one way or another, my music tends to touch its listeners. Some people have cried, others have cried out with excitement, saying it’s the best they have heard, but it is always an experience for them that they have enjoyed.
I think it’s because when I write my tracks they are written from my heart, to express my inner feeling that only music can bring forward. To me music is the universal language, no matter what part of the world you come from, we all hear music with our mind, body and spirit, it makes you want to move, make you want to dance ,to laugh, to cry. Music touches everyone in different ways and I think that’s what separates good music from the rest, it is how it has the ability to effect its listeners.

Hi my name is Davide Ferri I am an electronic musician living in Australia. I compose all flavours of electronic music from Ambient to Trance, Electronica to Club and all alternative persuasions in between, even Electro and Lounge

I think my gift of music was nurtured into me as a little boy. My mum and dad were always musical. My dad when he was young was in a well known band in Italy called "the magnificent five" he was the lead singer and my mum had the voice of an angel and was always singing while she sewed and looked after me as all good mum do. I even remember being curious as a little boy and recorded her singing in the sewing room. When I was just a little toddler, my dad would always have me on his lap when he was listening to records and even let me wear the big headphones which I would love so much and I would dance to the sound coming from them.

As I got older I taught myself to play the keyboard. I found myself looking at a music Synthesizer in a shop, I then became interested in how it worked and could think of nothing better than having one of my own. My parents managed to save up enough to buy me my first keyboard a few years later and at the age of around 13 I taught myself how to make sounds with it and used it as a means to "escape" from the world that I was in and I feel that It is what kept me feeling worthwhile during a time that was turbulent, In a way it saved me and helped shape me into the man and musician I am today. It was the one constant in my life that has kept me going over the years, through my trying times and has kept me sane. Initially the music that I wrote was always for myself, it was my snippets of emotion too, A way of venting, a way of forgetting, a way of reflecting. It was all very much a part of me until one day people began to listen to my tracks, mostly by accident and they would always comment on it like “where did I get it" and "who is that” etc . As soon as they found out it was my own compositions they would say that I should show people or send them to a record company. Of course my loving and supportive sisters would constantly praise me and hassle me to release my music too.

The Majority of my sound is composed real-time without much use for loops but more recorded in a sequencer via midi and playing / layering tracks down from a music keyboard track at a time, constructing my song together like an artist paints a masterpiece, chopping here, erasing there, doing retakes and editing directly from my sequenced tracks.

I have been lucky over the years to become good friends with and also had the chance to collaborate with many other artists like Fairy Beth & Slim Girl Fat, (who is an artist from the UK and one of the first music veterans on Second Life) I have also been fortunate enough to have many friends who have lent me their voice for my tracks including Jana Kyomoon a.k.a Jan Pulsford (who has worked with some great artists like Cyndi Lauper & Chico Freeman) I have used vocals from friends I have met from all over the globe like Norway, USA, Australia, UK and Scotland all recorded via the Net using VoIP applications or send via File sharing. I have even used my own vocals in various tracks
With the advent of computers getting more and more powerful over the years I have amassed much in the way of music software, effects, computer hardware, synths and musical gear, starting with the C64 then the Atari STE right up to my latest machine of choice the brilliant MacPro. I have my own recording studio in my home and have been able to advance my musical techniques to further develop my unique sound that have become widely recognised now as my sound, the sound of "nuvolino".

The name "nuvolino" has much meaning behind it, it means in Italian "little boy cloud" which is a nickname my birth mother would call me when I was a baby, I was her "nuvolino" I was very close to my mum and as she has passed on, I have kept this name in memory of her.

As the years have gone on, the more people heard my music the more it would be said that I should do something about it, family friends even strangers would say it should be released. So after much consideration I decided to release this part of me onto the world, my music, my passion.

Initially my music has gotten around by word of mouth with people and friends asking for copies of my music, it then progressed to physical prints and sales of a homemade album "fruitastic" which was sold in bookstores and other various places. It then progressed to sales via the internet as CD albums, once again self produced. Recently I have put my music on iTunes (worldwide), Amazon mp3 and other various online music distributors all once again self produced.

One other platform that I use to present my music to the world is an online Virtual metaverse called Second Life™ where I on a weekly basis perform live gigs by mixing and streaming my music real-time from my home studio directly to my listeners via an interactive virtual world complete with lighting rigs stage sets and a virtual avatar representative of the real life me, it's basically like going to a virtual club experience and it seems to be getting to be a more and more popular entertainment platform I play at various locations through the Second Life™ world as well as my own "home" location where I play when I’m not "touring" and now have a following of fans who come from all corners of the globe to listen to my events!

This year, 2010 I aim to get myself out there in a bigger scale this website is the first in many steps I will take to let the rest of the world experience my sound!

So I say welcome to the world of "nuvolino" buckle in as I plan to take you on a journey you will never forget.